Rewiring My Brain Into Creative Entrepreneurship

Hi. You can call me RG. I am rewiring my brain to become a suceeding creator & enterpreneur. It takes time & effort. I share how much. Join the road, it's a hell of a journey.
The Goal

From Consumer & Worker Into Creator & Enterpreneur

I'm sick of current state of affairs.

I want to create powerful content. I want to build meaningul products.

Empathy, communication, vision, courage, clarity, consistency, joy, mindset.

I share information that helps me, the rest is up to you.

Join The Force

Transformative Information, Relatable To You

I share information that puts us one step closer to suceeding in the field of creative enterpreneurship.

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Short Form
To live day as it is a story.


Everything can be viewed as a tool. Phone, pen, body, books, trees, voice, emotions, city etc


It's so important to find what things are blocking you.


Nothing is nonsense. Everything has its depth.


A single picture has its depth. Comics has another depth. Movie has another depth. But production of those increases exponentially.


The Team

Enterpreneur. Dancer. Programmer. Creator. Currently building tools to help people to understand themselves.

© 2020, RG