My Habits

For some reason I've manage to grow being very resilient to building habits. In other words I had very few of them. It's time for a change.

Music Playlists By Activity

A way I found to organize my music playlists is by activity. It's quite convenient.

Now and then turn on random playlist from search and pull songs from there into my playlists, so they grow.

For every activity I want specific mood. For qigong it's a Chinese riffs and sounds of nature. For writing it's stuff without lyrics. For coding it is more of electronic music. And so on.

Also it might be that those playlist refer to specific mood. Less energy, more energy, less boosting, more boosting playlists.

It works okay.

Meditating Before Sleep


Evening walk


Clean More Than I Mess

The Only Working Way To Deal with a Mess

Every time I add a new bit of mess I should clean it and take away from the previous debt. If I've used a dish — I should clean two dishes. If I picking up a pair of socks, I should pick two of them. Etc.

To be continued...


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