July 03, 2020

by RG

Humanity is a tool-building corporation. We build tools that tickle our imagination and empower us. New tools enable us to create things there were not possible in the past. Also, new tools enable us to do things better. Either do new or do better.

Now I will share my personal approach I use to have a better chance of distinguishing my own desires from the ones that are seeded. It also helps me to save time & money.

Here is a bad heuristic:

In order to start doing the job, I need to obtain something better than I already have.

In this case my concern is high.

Heuristic I find more acceptable for myself:

In order to better do the job I’m already doing, I need to upgrade my tooling.

I do something. I want to do it better. Let’s upgrade my tools and nail it!

The conslustion is quite simple.

Do what you want, use what you have. Otherwise, reconsider.

More than 200 human beeings are in! Join us.

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Rohov Dmytro

Enterpreneur. Dancer. Programmer. Creator. Currently building tools to help people to understand themselves.

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